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Little is known about the effects of the new bio-technologies, especially the Advanced Reproductive Technologies, on Sex and Gender. TAGC is researching these important questions.


Mission Statement

The Technical Advantage Genetics Center (TAGC) - a consortium of scientists, medical personnel, and educational specialists - has created the Sex and Gender Education Show to teach the public about how new bio-technologies, genetic and medical human engineering, as well as social, cultural, racial, and economic factors, are beginning to produce new humans, new transgenic animals and plants, new families, and new answers to ancient questions about life and being human. With the assistance of our corporate sponsors, and in close partnership with the newly created Federal Eugenics Administration (FEA), TAGC hopes to reach wide audiences in schools, colleges, libraries, clinics, and on the Internet. We believe that the scientific promise of "improving the world by improving your genes" can be a central goal for all informed citizens today.